M A L I B U - T R A V E L

Pattaya Tour Operator


Package Rates are inclusive Room + Breakfast + Round Trip Transport (Starting from Pattaya City)

Plaloma Cliff Resort

... Package KC1 - KC9

Sai Kao Beach

Kacha Resort & Spa Koh Chang

... Package KC10 - KC18

Sai Kao Beach

Grand Cabana Resort

... Package KC19 - KC27

Klong Ma Kork Beach

Coconut Beach Resort

... Package KC28 - KC30

Klong Prao Beach

V.J. Searenity Koh Chang

... Package KC31 - KC36

Klong Prao Beach

The Aiyapura Koh Chang

... Package KC37 - KC45

Ao Klong Son

The Emeraldcove Koh Chang

... Package KC55 - KC60

Klong Prao Beach

MAC Resort Hotel

... Package KC61 - KC66

Sai Kao Beach

Koh Chang Grand View Resort

... Package KC67 - KC75

Sai Kao Beach

The Gallery At Koh Chang Hotel

... Package KC76 - KC84

Klong Prao Beach

Koh Chang Cliff Beach

... Package KC85 - KC87

Kai Bae Beach

Mam Kai Bae Resort

... Package KC88 - KC96

Kai Bae Beach

Koh Chang Lagoon Princess

... Package KC97 - KC105

Sai Kao Beach

Koh Chang Resort

... Package KC106 - KC114

Klong Prao Beach

AWA Resort Koh Chang

... Package KC115 - KC117

Kai Bae Beach

Chang Buri Resort & Spa

... Package KC118 - KC129

Sai Kao Beach

Koh Chang Paradise Resort

... Package KC130 - KC135

Klong Prao Beach

Klong Prao Resort & Spa

... Package KC136 - KC144

Klong Prao Beach

The Dewa Koh Chang

... Package KC145 - KC147

Klong Prao Beach

Chang Cliff Resort

... Package KC148 - KC153

Sai Kao Beach

Kai Bae Beach Resort

... Package KC154 - KC162

Kai Bae Beach

AANA Resort

... Package KC163 - KC174

Klong Prao Beach